Plain Sattu – 500 Grams



  • Roasted grams (Chana)

Made with 100% pure chana, The Gharana chana sattu is an ideal food supplement for all ages.Its low glycaemic index and high fiber content keeps a check on the sugar level and fuelling digestion.

Boost up your everyday routine by addingThe Ghrana’s sattu  to your kitchen and serve a delightful meal with benefits of real nutrition to your body.

Sattu is used in various ways in different regions of India. You can use The Gharan’s sattu to make North India’s traditional delicacy ‘LITTI’ served with your favourite Chokha or you can customise your breakfast menu by using it for your porridge, paratha, puri, drinks etc.

This sattu flour is definitely here to quickly add to the trays of desserts like sattu ka peda, barfi, etc  on your special occasions.

Weight 500 g


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