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Know about our mission, vision, the story behind The Gharana and it’s amazing snacks.


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Shri Harendra Dubey Ji is a successful businessman from Bihar who dreamed of revolutionizing the food industry. He saw the scarcity of Anaj and the struggles people faced growing it, especially during childhood. His personal experiences led him to start “Gharana” during the covid pandemic as a way to help people get access to healthier food options.

When he looked back on his childhood struggle, he realized that the only constant source of food had been “Sattu”. Sattu is a versatile flour that is indigenous to eastern India, especially Bihar. It can be eaten in many different forms.

When Harendra Dubey started Fox Nut trading in 2017, they had one goal in mind: to introduce a healthy snacking culture. They saw how busy lifestyles had led to snacking becoming a part of daily life, and they wanted to bridge the gap between that culture and healthy eating habits.

Gharana was created with the dream of providing customized flavors with an unbeatable taste. We source spices and condiments from all over the country to offer you the best flavor possible.


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Our Belief

Every single grain of food

is a testament to our


blood, sweat, hard work and

selfless service.


Our mission is to take healthy food habits to every doorstep with the essence of serving the community, to promote sustainable ways of farming where we aid the farmers by directly trading with them, using organically grown products, ensuring utmost safety & hygiene in every stage of manufacturing.


The aim is to encourage the trend of snacking while inculcating healthy and nutritious food habits. We see India as an emerging FMCG Consumer and we are ready to serve India and its hunger with our lip-smacking range of snacks. Gharana will reach “GHAR – GHAR TAK”.


We at Gharana are determined to serve healthy food ‘GHAR GHAR TAK’, affordable & appreciable by every section of the society. Gharana is not just a brand, it is a dream, an emotion & a result of hard work & dedication of a sincere & brilliant team, bending over backwards for you.



Chatkara Makhana

It’s always a headache to keep my kids away from junk food and packed products but I was surprised to look at The Gharana’s healthy & nutritious chain of snacks.

Chatkara Makhana is one of my favourite products which I can easily offer to my kids. It actually ensures health with a delicious taste which I bet nobody can refuse eating again & again.

- Prishita Gandhi
Premix Sattu

recently got my hands on Gharana’s instant premix sattu which I find a perfect substitute for all the skipped breakfast and unfinished lunches.

It’s the most convenient form of nourishment to my body with a complementary unbeatable taste & refreshing flavour.

- Abhinav Bissa
Chatkara Makhana

I never knew crunching can be healthy & mouth watering hand to hand before tasting the Gharana’s Corn karara. The best part about these snacks is that they are roasted not fried like most of the packed snacks available in market.

Being a gym freak & a diet conscious person, I no longer have to sacrifice good taste & yummy flavors for maintaining a happy health.

- Aman Singh